Teaching my readers my DOGMA

IT IS NOT A HABIT, IT IS A HOBBY. This is how Venki’s T- Shirt (My cousin) read most of the time. He hated it being WASHED and kept wearing it most of the time. But I was totally different. I hated myself washed. (I mean - BATHED)

“Couldn’t it be done another day?” I questioned back my mother, every time she handed me the soap and the towel. And at once the concentric circles which often appear in Tamil movies, starts to circle around me, making me visualize the amount of resistance I had put up the previous day.

Do not mistake me readers. I bathed on all BIG DAYS in my life. I took bath on all my birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Gandhi’s birthday. But for the rest of the days, I remained an anti-bather. (Laughing? You dirty people. I didn’t mean that)

I was always the kind of person who would stand against death, if the need arises, but I couldn’t resist myself when someone said “Hey, Anand, I didn’t bath today”. I always ended up pinching them saying,”SAME PINCH”.

“DOGS AND GOATS DON’T BATH”, I argued, when someone recommended me a bath. And I continued to quote that,”A bather to my blog is like a terrorist to a Nation”. But I still continued polls for my bathed readers.

I firmly believed in the fact that Bathing reduces body’s natural aroma. And for those people who couldn’t picture my words and were still profane to my dogma, I recommended Raj Kamal’s Embedded System and Balaji’s Probability and Statistics, which pointed in terms of P (E) that bathing reduces natural fragrance.

Having my own MY COMPUTER, I never believed in the SIVAGAMI computer. I preached my readers the same. But one of my followers in Canada was blasphemous. Having read my code of belief, he challenged and went against my conventions and he walked out for a stroll. “Rainmaker is nonsense”, he was last found saying.

As I told before, my thoughts often crept through peoples’ veins. This man was no exception. My thoughts must have certainly lingered in his inner eyes. For a second, he assumed himself to Neil Armstrong and took one final giant leap.

Then what? He was seen floating holding a log, ripped of his clothes, holding the last few breathe of his life, when he was rescued.

Ask him what bathing in Niagara is like? He will tell the rest of this piece.

7 Responses:

manikamal said...

me to join your anti bath community..

Rohit Oonnikrishnan said...

Hi Anand

Just stumbled upon your blog ..nicely articulated thoughts dude...

You have another reader in me ..keep blogging ..

Anand S Theertha said...

Thanks Rohit. Thanks for being here.

Al Walling said...

very honest and neat. ^_^

Kalavathy said...

Nice work Anand...

Harini said...

Your best post yet..

... and that's all said...

Ah, excellent. Good post.

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