Marriages and The Mother of All Ailments

You all know that Love is one of the many things in my life which comes in plural form. To add respect to such superb form, on 4th July 2009 AD, I saw one more count added to the existing list. Yes.

Click here to read the mail which I got from Miss Suzann. Remember Miss. Suzann Badango. Just remember the name because rest rests with me. And I have retained the name of the young girl to let the devilish friends and readers of mine to search her name online.
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You might ask as to what I replied to the mail. Yes. I rejected the proposition. This was because I hated Kisses and Hugs.

Shocked to find such a well-born person? Yes. I always hated them in words.

A few days after this mail, I got another mail on 7th July. This was from my friend Abirami. The mail said, she was going to buy a new washing machine, Vessel cleaning and baby sitting machine at home.

Ah. Yes. You might not know. She was going to get married.

We know what the men do after marriage. What you assumed might be for the first few days. But then, such happenings are always known as history.

Guys can only dream about mouth-watering dishes, hospitality and related things.

I usually related marriage to a wresting match, referee being the groom, girl and her mother in law being the contestant. But if you are a south Indian and if you are from southern outskirts of Tamilnadu, you would have related the groom with scapegoat.

I heard rustle of noise when I said skirt. But it isn’t Sania’s. It is outskirt. She(Sania) has already bought saris and is buying a new washing machine too. Brand new and costly one.

Coming back, I badly wanted to be a part of my friend’s marriage reception. But I didn’t. If we had used time turner and been to the day before the marriage, you might have seen me getting a call.

The call was from Arun saying that “He has no incoming but unlimited outgoing”. I got the clue immediately. I decided not to attend the reception. We all know about marriages and the feast which are usually served.

On the night of marriage, I was sitting at home eating Ice cream, which I bought to equate myself with my friends who went to the function. I knew as to what the couple might have been doing then.

Try Eating, Sleeping. They might sound nice.

Before I went to sleep, I thanked god for giving a friend like Arun, who was like an alarm clock in warning me (Though his clock never ended). Had Arun never told me about his “Mother of All ailments”, I would have taken rest after rest and then been here to write Newton’s 4th law,

“Loose motion can never be done in slow motion”

And then with my superb form, might have wrote,

“God saves Groom,
Groom takes Broom,
And Clean gets the Room!”

Don't laugh people, "Everything is war in love and for the fair".

12 Responses:

Swatantra said...

Cute!! I have never read such a beautiful post on marriage!!

Anand said...

Hey Swatantara,

I guess you are a food Technologist. Expected you to throw some light on the issue!!

Neha said...

Mr. Rainmaker in the Waiting, well u won't know the reality of marriage unless the ball is in ur court...whatever u mentioned might be true in a few cases, but not all the time...there are fortunate males around...

one thing i agree - the mother in law factor...again, dont be biased...this factor is same in all the cases, be it a guy or a girl...

all in all, very crisp post..:)

Anand said...


Well, the post was meant to throw light on sentiments and emotions in a common household, but in lighter way. Believe me I tried Nippon battery this time (for a change).

And I must confess that every beautiful dog has a tale.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is too good. It gives an image of a professional blogger. Great going!

Anand said...

Ramya Roopini,

You too have a good blog. I miss your posts nowadays.

Benny said...

New template I guess!! Hmm..nice da..As always u hav written yet another meaningful one.."Everything is war in love and for the fair" potu yosichiya..too good!!

Anumeha said...

thw blog is really nice!....but dis one.....means you have written in a sweet way...but i don agree at times!

nishit4friends said...

Pretty neat stuff.......:)

Anand said...

Test Comment

Viji said...

Cute write up on marriage!!!!!

Aditya said...

That was really a funny and light take on marriage. Some cool lines there :)

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