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Months back the number of posts in my journal became sparse and came to a grinding halt. Many thought I had little to report. But if you were wondering on those lines, the news is: yours sincerely has joined Cognizant technology solutions and has little or no time to write on this internet space.

Cognizant, earlier (June 2008) made an assumption that ‘Anand could be intelligent’ (who knows why) and offered me the job. The humble I, thanked all my devatas, gladly accepted the offer and thus made one of the most significant moves in my life. And since the day I joined, my clock has never ended. Office hour from 6 o’clock in the morning has now kept the web addict in me ‘off the web’. Office cafeteria (which consists of four floors) doesn’t add much variety to my day nor does my project manager, who looks at my performance and constantly reminds me of Bangladesh’s batting average. But then, who bothers these trivial details when the girl from the next project gives those obvious glances.

Added to these, I find strangely usual people here. All busy but still making short conversations throughout the day. Normal hours, sometimes, they say something funny. Sometimes, they do. Uncontrollable laughter makes its way. I feel like laughing out loud. But I just don’t. I wait, throw my head back, find time to open my instant messenger, and type those three big letters. LOL.

God bless internet and social networks.

5 Responses:

Neha said...

welcome back - would be appropriate? or you are again planning to go in your hibernating state once again?

you have indeed arrived after a long time..people are talking about IPL and you are stuck at Bangladesh? hmmm :P

Swatantra said...

Nice look!!

V.V.Praveen Kumar said...

Whos tat next project gal Anand??

Anand said...


I still don't know her name. Probably I will keep the name to myself when I come to know. After all Praveen has a better hairstyle than Anand.

Anand said...

Neha and Swatantra

Thanks for commenting. I certainly don't have plans of stay off the web. You will find more updates from now on.

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