Amazon Kindle in India | A Review

I’m finally a proud owner of Kindle, an e-book reader from Amazon. Here is my review of the electronic device.

The eye garner arrived in my drawing room after flying across the globe for four long days. The frustration free package had kept the digital reader safe and sound. The sleek design and make of the device is certain to make those size oh models to walk behind the curtains shunning publicity. If you are bound to take long trips on the metro, you run into the risk of inducing the curiosity of your fellow passenger/s. And as it happens you are certain to be asked the following questions, and hence their answers.

Excuse Sir. Is that a Computer which you are looking at?
It’s highly impossible for someone in Chennai to address a fellow passenger in train as Sir, but added here for some professional third person touch. The answer to the question is a strict no. It is a digital reading device.

The first question is often the ice breaker and leads to a flurry of questions.

Does it have Internet?
It has internet for you to check mail and read blogs, forums, post comments. However it cannot display powerful sites like youtube, Google map and so on.

So one needs to pay heavy monthly bills?
Definitely not. Amazon has collaboration with the internet service providers. So you don’t need to pay for it.

So one needs to compensate on speed?
Not much. The device works on 3G. So speed might not be a pressing issue.

What is the technology used?
e-ink technology. So it doesn’t strain your eyes. Also you can read in bright sunlight, unlike the newly introduced ipad which reflects the light.

Does it have a music player?
Yes, it reads your books and plays background music.

What else can it do?
Read books, play MP3, Play audio books. Text to speech, surf the net (in black and white) and allows you to annotate texts, posts lines from your book to twitter and facebook accounts.

How do you get the books?
There are two ways in which you can use kindle to get your books. One, if you have the e-book, you can move it to your device using the cable and can start reading your first book. Two, buy e-book from Amazon store wirelessly (book price +wireless download cost bound to apply).

Can one read his own word, PDF, JPEG documents on it?
Yes. Connect it to a computer and move the files. PDF is not fully supported. However one can convert PDF into kindle format using the mail service provided by Amazon and use the book.

Can you read comics on it?
Yes. But it is awkward and in grayscale.

How long does the battery last?
Two weeks with the wireless connectivity off and one week with the 3G live.

What is the keyboard for?
The keyboard is to make annotations and enter search terms and general typing.

Can you check electronic mail?
Yes, text centric sites, mobile sites.

What is the device called?
The device is called Amazon Kindle.

How much does it cost?
This date, it costs 189$ with extra 100$ on shipping and customs. Of course there is a reimbursement on import duties (if excess).

Would you recommend me this device?
Yes, if you like books and if you need access to internet for reading blogs and news pages.

Where can I find it?

Click on the below link buy the latest kindle.

Well, enough said and one last word. Time would definitely come when parents would buy their kids an e- book reader on their first day to school. That day, you can hear this:

Boy: I like you and I am kindled by love
Girl: I love your kindle!! Would you lend me yours?

Design of the device - slimCost of the device - 189$
Features - too many of themLimited space - 2 gb memory, not expandable
Speed of the device - 3GLack of pouch/cover - extra cost
Interface - clean and neatNo touch screen, black and white

If you have any queries regarding the device feel free to ask them here.

96 Responses:

Neha said...

interesting..but again, space is a problem..I somehow prefer to read the hard copy of the book..that suits me more..about blogs - I usually read them on google reader on my's pretty user friendly..and a good time pass while travelling..


This thing comes under tablet, in that case Ipad is much better in its feature, but costly. So I will suggest folks to wait until google release its version of tablet then choose a best one of your choice.

Anand Sathyanarayanan said...

Neha, the device can store more than 1500 books at a time. So if you happen to read one book a day, you would finish 365 books in a year. So space might not be a constraint. Imagine carrying 1500 books wherever you go.

You prefer paperback? Don't wotty, the device would look like a paperback and fonts would appear in the same format as well. Beyond all these, Amazon provides THE best customer service in the world. Even of you are not their customer they would answer to all your queries.

Anand Sathyanarayanan said...

Of course Hariharan, you are free to choose a best one of your choice. The device is well ahead of its competitors in providing e-ink technology. Sony and Nook has e-ink but they don't provide better reading experience as Amazon.

Importantly, there is no point in comparing a Multimedia and Communication device with this one.

Magali said...

Wow, have always eyed the kindle! But $100 shipping? And I thought $35 on my camera equipment was a high price.
So as much as I lust after the kindle, I'd rather spend the money on camera stuff.
Anyway, enjoy!

Anand Sathyanarayanan said...

Welcome Magali!!

Thanks for dropping by. Actually it is not $100 on shipping as you mentioned. It is split as $20 on shipping and $80 on import duties. Out of those $80 you might get a waiver based on the current import charges (which i heard was $36 for a few people). For the refund you will need to wait for atleast two months. Hope I cleared that up.

I checked into your blog. It is a really good read. Was impressed by your display picture as well. Wink !!

Magali said...

Hehe reading this has kinda given me a renewed interest in the device. Haha if I do buy I'll buy the bigger one. And it'll take me a looooong time to save up the money lol.
Thanks for the kind words about my blog! Your is awesome too, esp love the clean minimalist look, just like Kindle.

vivekped said...

hi nice to read the blog i have some queries

!]i m medico and have lots of free medical books in chm format and some pdf ...if chm format is also converted automatically in readable format of kindle ....
2.. if index available like it looks on pc
3... if page number also displayed ...
... how is search engine is it fast and show all search in that book on single page

vivekped said...

if we can mark the text as foxit reader give facility .....

Anand Sathyanarayanan said...


Thanks for dropping by.

1. I am not sure if chm can be converted to kindle format directly. However you can convert to kindle format by converting chm file to pdf and then to kindle (azw) format.

2. If your file is indexed in PDF format, then it certainly will be retained in AZW format. If there is hyperlink, then it is also retained in AZW format.

3. If your normal page had page numbers, the kindle format would retain them. But it would be of no use. That is because kindle by itself shows page numbers. Moreover the kindle provided page numbers change as you change font size. In some cases your DOC page number might get displayed at the center of the page due to page formatting.

PS: Kindle supports PDF but I would recommend you to use AZW format as it provides you an option to look up for meanings and also allows you to vary font size as you keep reading.

Anand Sathyanarayanan said...

Did I forget something? Yes, About the bookmark thing. You can add bookmarks to your text and view them later.

Arun Prasad said...

Hi Anand,

Can you please explain me on the process of reducing the import fees.. I read it can be as less as $36... I am student and buying a kindle instead of buying a phone for myself.. I have the good old nokia 1100.. So, please suggest me how can i get rid of these import charges.

Anand said...

Arun Prasad,

Currently, there is only one way of reducing the import fees, which is by shipping the device to your friends/relatives in US and asking them to bring it here to india. This way, you can reduce the shipping cost of 20$ as well. That is 94$ in all.

However if you buy from India, out of 74$ for import fees & customs, you will be refunded only 36$.

Anonymous said...

where i can get the kindle DX ebook reader in india.How to order it.Can any one guide me please.
very urgent.i have lot of e books in PDF format.some one posted a message that PDF format cannot be read properly.It should be copnverted.CAn any one explain this

With regards
Paldurai kasi rajan

Anand Sathyanarayanan said...

The only way to buy kindle is through the Amazon site. You can very well read pdf document if you buy kindle. I can assure you of that.

Anonymous said...

Dear mr. Anand Sathyanarayanan

Thanks for you replay.I have one more doubt.The kindle DX ebook reader has 4 GB in built memory and around only 3.5 GB will be available to the users.DOes the reader has facility to extend the memory through SDCARD.please clarify
Paldurai kasi rajan

Anand Sathyanarayanan said...


It doesn't allow memory cards. The reason is simple. When you can store 6000 books in 3.5 GB, are you going to read them in one shot?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Anand Sathyanarayanan

In India do we have wireless connectivity for the kindle? do we have to pay ? can one able to browse using google browser .I am in Pondicherry(puducherry).Does the browser works like the browser in pC's?
Please clarify.because we 3 peoples palnning to buy the reader.

With regards
Paldurai kasi rajan

Anand said...

Dear Rajan

I am using Kindle for the last 3 and half months. I don't pay a penny for it. I browse every possible site on the web, exception being flash enabled and video sites. Also you cannot download anything through the device except the web pages. If you are a reader buy this reader, you won't regret.

Kindle works well in india. No doubt it works in pondicherry as well.

Pradeep, Bangalore. said...

Got a Kindle directly ordered from Amazon through DHL, using my Indian credit card. It was a painless process although it took 10 days to ship the device after ordering. Cost me around Rs.12K. Really enjoying this device!

Anand said...

Pradeep, I am glad that you are enjoying the device.

Anonymous said...

dear anand
i have bought kindle DX2 some 2 days back.few things are not working out to me?
How Can I transfer my own documents or books to the Kindle.i conencted the kindle with my computer through usab is only geting charged
but i could not able to transfer files mean pdf and mp3 files.can you please help me

paldurai kasi rajan

Anand said...


To start with, please check the following things.

1. Does your USB port allow for devices to be connected and date be transferred?

2. If yes, does a dialog box pop up asking you to open the folder or play music as it happens in any plug and play device like pen drive?

3. If yes, click on open button.

4. Else it means something is preventing you to transfer data.

5. Mail the support team regarding this issue immediately. They will answer all your queries, be it one hundred.

6. Be assured that Amazon kindle will replace yor device or refund the amount if you return the device in a months's time. They will also take care of your courier charges.

7. But before that cross check upto step 5.

spiriter said...


I have purchased kindle 3g(haven't received it yet).I am in Coimbatore.Will I be able to browse?


Anonymous said...


I am located in the US but am looking to buy a kindle for my parents in India. Would you recommend the larger DX version for older people? (Although DX seems to have more customer complaints than the other models).

Many thanks!

Anand said...

My preference is the smaller version of kindle. But I would suggest you to buy the DX version for elderly people as it will be easier to hold and has different font sizes to select from.

Good Luck & Happy Reading!

Kindle Lover India said...

Do anyone have a review on the new kindle 3 in India?

Anonymous said...

I am buying a wifi only Kindle 3, I want to know about the connectivity we get for wifi only devices in India.

Anand said...


You can get wifi connectivity from any service provider you wish to or you have around you. If you are placed in a location which has wifi connectivity, you would obviously get access to the web.

However if you get 3G version, you can get access whereever you are (no need to search for a connecting network).

Anonymous said...

Hi Anand,

Thanks for your post, it is much clearer than most of the information out there :)

I know you answered Rajan, but have some clarifications

1. The free web browsing using 3G works in Chennai?
2. You bought the Kindle using a India credit card and an Indian address?
3. Do you know if a US Kindle (buying a Kindle in US and asking someone to bring it to chennai) will support the free 3G browsing?

Thanks !


Anand said...


I am living in Chennai and the free web browsing using 3G works in Chennai, in black and White Screen only with mobile and text oriented sites.

I brought the device using an India Debit card and an Indian address only. I used my debit card to generate an one time netsafe card using HDFC service (which is safe for online transactions)

If you buy in US and bring it to India, 3G will still work. No difference except for the shipping and customs which you pay when you buy it from here.

Anonymous said...

Dear mr.Anand,

Thank you very much for your nice tips about kindle ebook reader and I have purchased the e book reader too.
I am facing few problems which i need your help to sort out it.
When connected with the computer it shows four different folder 1. active content data 3.documents
When i created a new folders for organizing my e books it is not appearing in the display.I want to create several folders to save my books of various topic research papers from several to organize it
please help me.For eg i want to create books folder and with in the books folder i want to creat several sub folder and in each sub folders i want to save books


Anand said...


In your device, there is an option called collection which allows you to do the same. You can make use of it. There isn't any other options yet.

Anonymous said...

Dear anand

Thanks for you reply.I have another problem of converting my ebooks in pdf format.I tried to convert my pdf files to kindle format using mobipocket creator.But the converted files has no figures .I have lot of e books in Pdf format.Can you please help me how to convert the pdf format to azw format.what are s/w's available.

Please help me


Anand said...

Please mail your books to with 'convert' in the subject line. They would convert the books for you and the images would be retained in most of the cases.

inscribed said...


If I buy the Kindle WiFi, How much is it going to cost me? what is the import duty procedure like. Can I pay on Amazon using my SBI debit card? Thanks!

Anand said...

Welcome Inscribed

It would cost you 139$. You will need to pay another 90$(varies) as import duties, customs, and shipping charges. So you would be paying approximately 229$ to Amazon and you would not be paying anybody else.

driftingaway said...


I stumbled upon your blog when searching for information on buying Kindle from India. It was a very useful post. Thanks for putting it up.

I just have a few questions. Would be great if you can answer them for me. I'm planning to buy a Kindle for a friend as a gift.
1. Can I directly provide my friend's address as the shipping address and get it delivered to him?
2. Was the initial setup/configuration simple, particularly with respect to connecting to 3G? Since I want it delivered directly to my friend, I would not have a chance to try it out before giving it to him. Just want to make sure it'll work fine out of the box.
3. Which 3G network does it connect to?

Thanks in advance.

Anand said...


Thanks for dropping by.

1. You can give your friend's shipping address/your address. Either is fine. Remember that there is an additional option to wrap your gift with a gift wrapper. You can try that as well when you buy it. You can keep track of your device once you have placed your order. Just that it travels slower in indian soil (obvious, isn't it?)

2. Initial setup is SIMPLE. Just switching on the device and switching on the Web connectivity.

3. It uses Sprint and At&T network. It is available (almost) around the globe. Even China, which has blocked facebook and Orkut, was found getting signals from Sprint 3G network and people were accessing facebook very much to China's dislike.

Wihing your friend a great reading experience and a long lasting friendship.

Manjot Singh said...

Dear Anand,
Thank you for making a very nice and useful blog.
Kindly answer a few of my queries
I ordered a Kindle wifi from a friend in US who is coming to India.Reading that it is possible to surf the net for free using the KIndle i am lamenting my decision as i had read somewhere that we can browse only wikipedia
and even the Amazon site says
"For U.S. customers traveling abroad, additional charges apply for wireless delivery of periodical subscriptions."
this made me interpret that I might be charged for browsing, so to be safe i ordered the wifi only version.
I am planning to order another one and this time 3G but i need these clarifications
1)Since 3G isn't available here in india yet is edge/gprs fast enough? also since edge consumes much more battery life how much of an impact on battery life does that make.
2)Can we switch 3g off and only keep wifi on?
as sometimes we want to transfer a book wirelessly and transferring over 3g iss chargeable.So, can we switch it off and tranfer only over wifi or are we doomed to tranfer over 3g once we buy the 3g version?
3)i have alot of hindi PDF's, so just wanted to clear this apprehension, can Kindle read Hindi pdf's as well?
Thanks a lot for helping us out:)

Anand said...

Manjot Singh

Thanks for dropping by.

1. Battery life with 3G or wifi on is relatively lesser. Must not be a problem for you.

2. I'm not much aware of the wifi+3G version. But there is one thing which I can assure you of, Amazon does not charge you anything for 3G. Internet is free.

3. PDFs can be moved to the device and read. If your PDF has hindi text, won't be an issue at all.

Even I was under the impression that kindle can connect to wiki alone. However it connects to most(all) of the sites. You cannot open powerful sites like youtube. I can assure you of gmail, yahoomail, facebook, orkut, wiki, bbc and the list is too long.

Manjot Singh said...

Sorry Anand I dint get you
"2. I'm not much aware of the wifi+3G version. But there is one thing which I can assure you of, Amazon does not charge you anything for 3G. Internet is free."
Don't you have the wifi + 3g version,which is worth 189$, itself?
btw Thanks a lot for your reply:)

Anand said...

The wifi with 3G version was bundled very recently & I own an 3G only version which costed $180.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate the effort in putting this up. Very helpful, thanks.


Aadil Brar said...

I recently placed my order of kindle,can you tell me what speed of 3G generally you get in india on your kindle.

Anand said...

Aadil Brar,

I certainly have not found a way to check the speed. However, I can explain it in terms of page load time. It takes around 30-40 seconds to load my google mailbox. Another thing to be considered is it varies on the availability of 3G network.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anand,

I'm a little confused by the 3G option. If I buy the one with 3G can i download free books and browse the internet free of cost in places where 3G network is available? If yes who is the Internet service provider that gives it to me free of cost and how is that possible?

So I checked their website and it says whole of India has only the EDGE technology and 3G is not available, that probabaly explains the slow speed. I'm in Bangalore so I guess network shouldnot be a problem.

Aparna said...

hi Anand,

Great to come across your site while trying to figure out whether to buy the Kindle from India. Thanks a lot for sharing the info.

One doubt - there seems to be a $2 additional charge for most books in Amazon when wanting to buy from India(or anywhere outside US I suppose). Is it possible to bypass this charge by selecting download to laptop and then transferring to Kindle?

Anand said...


Sprint and At&T are the service providers for wireless access. They don't charge you anything. You can go ahead and guess the reason, you can't download multimedia through kindle (the one which carries more space)

Bangalore has 3G access as per the coverage map.

Anand said...

Hi Aparna,

Thanks for dropping by. You cannot bypass this charge. This charge is for delivering the book wirelessly. If you already have a book(pdf, mobi,azw formats) in your laptop, you can move it to your device through USB, no charge for the same.

BaSaL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BaSaL said...

liked it. but i feel its easy to buy directly from amazon - my thoughts - [url][/url]

Abhinandan said...

Hi Anand!
I reached your blog while searching info on Kindle. I find it very detailed yet crisp.
I have a question: Can my friend in USA buy the kindle with his credit card, delivered to his US address and then give it to me on his trip to India in March 2011? I wish to give him the rupee equivalent and then start using the kindle in my name ( by my credit card) from Mumbai. Is this method possible? Thanks

Anand said...


Thank you for dropping by. It is very much possible. You can buy using your own credit card and get it delivered to an US address.

Abhinandan said...

Thank you Anand. Shall do as suggested by you. Have talked to my friend in US today. The punch is, he shall gift me the Kindle (WiFi+3G)on my 40th B'day. I shall get my money back, ha-ha!!
Holding the excitement till March 2011.

BaSaL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kate said...

SAFEST and CHEAPEST methods to buy Kindle in India - Buy Kindle in India

Anonymous said...

Hi Anand,

A very specific question - can you check any web based emails like gmail, yahoo,and newspaper sites like economic times, etc by Kindle 3g?
What about youtube?


Anonymous said...


Folks, Kindle is primarily a reading device. So one should be buying it for reading. Internet access is ok...but if you intend to access internet regularly, this is probably not the device for you. For reading, this is a fantastic device..esp when u can download 000's of cracked kindle versions of books from torrent.

Anand: do you know where in Bangalore (or in India) that i can get leather cover for my kindle?

dan rogy said...

All-New, High-Contrast E Ink Screen – 50% better contrast with latest E Ink Pearl technology
Read in Bright Sunlight – No glare
New and Improved Fonts – New crisper, darker fonts
New Sleek Design – 21% smaller body while keeping the same 6" size reading area
17% Lighter – Only 8.5 ounces, weighs less than a paperback
Battery Life of Up to One Month – A single charge lasts up to one month with wireless off
Double the Storage – Up to 3,500 books
Built-In Wi-Fi – Shop and download books in less than 60 seconds
20% Faster Page Turns – Seamless reading
Enhanced PDF Reader – With dictionary lookup, notes, and highlights
New WebKit-Based Browser – Browse the web over Wi-Fi (experimental)

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to print notes and annotations from a book? Can you email information to yourself if you don't have a facebook or twitter account? Also, is there any way to view the actual page numbers of the book not the percentage read? Thank you..

sandeep said...

Hi Anand,
i've a friend in us who would be coming to india in another month.thought of getting a kindle 3. But i'm not sure if i need to get an us edition or an international edition of kindle 3 in order to browse internet in india without restrictions.would you kindly help me make the right choice.please..i'm counting on you.thanx

Anand said...

Get yourself an international edition. you won't be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks...i was surfing the net to figure out it I should buy a wifi only or a 3g+wifi kindle..i have a friend in the us so i am going to get the kindle shipped to his address in us while paying from india..i hope the us kindle and india kindle are the same?

Anonymous said...

hi Anand
I recetnly got Kindle-3 from UK.
I have few queries though
1. Can I buy books from Kindle store using Indian Credit Card ?
2. Also where can I buy Kindle case in Bangalore?

Thanks for all the useful information.

monica said...

what is the simplest kindle to buy for India? nothing fancy. just surfing and reading


Anonymous said...


From your posts, I assume you are able to browse web in India on a Kindle bought with Credit Card with Indian Address? Kindly Confirm,

What about the 2$ File Transfer Charge....Is it incurred only on free e-books or on all ebooks, even those purchased?

And is the above Charge applicable only on books downloaded through the "so called free" 3G/Edge/GPRS? Or is it incurred also if one downloads through WiFi on Kindle?

With Regards & Thanks.

Anand said...

I'm able to browse web in India. File Transfer Charge is for book transferred from your email box to amazon server and then wirelessly to the device or if you buy an ebook from Amazon site.

I doubt if you would be able to download ebooks from your favorite webpage using kindle.

Anonymous said...


Have you downloaded any Indian publications....newspaper/mag ...what charges were incurred in addition to price?

Also, are you aware of any charges incurred, if any Indian user roams outside India?

This part has me confused...I read somewhere that US customers incur a 2$ roaming charge if they buy a book while roaming abroad. Does that mean that Non-US are all being charged 2$ for every download and only US citizens are not slapped with this extra charge, while they are in their home country?

With regards.

Anand said...

My kindle use very much confines to my personal documents which i transfer to the device so that the same can be accessed when i am on the move.

Based on what i heard, Amazon charges for indian publications when accessed from outside US. You can check the Amazon site for these low level details or else you can drop a mail to customer support who would be ready to answer ALL your questions.

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

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btw, now i write on this site which gives out perfumes sunglasses and lot of stuff like that i even got some food vouchers in chennai for each and every one of my review :D tght will let my blog buddies know check this out

vijit kumawat said...

hey great review there, lately i got interested in buying kindle coz i have to read lots of cisco docs which i brought from my friend of which i am sure that he downloaded from some pirated site so my question is can i converted those illegal pdf to kindle format or as you said that pdf is almost supported on kindle , can i transfer those pdf's to it.

Anand said...

It's a question of morality, I would like to leave that to you.

Now, to clear off your doubts, you can move pdfs to kindle as you would move files to an usb drive.

You also have an option to mail your documents to Amazon to get it converted to an appropriate format (free).

Masood said...

Hi Anand

I am looking for a new kindle ,i read sow many people got the problem of frozen screen ,do you have any problem with your kindle

Anand said...

No issues as of yet.

Masood said...

Thank u then i will buy it.

Kumar Chitrang said...


Fantastic blog first of all, you've already cleared up a lot of doubts I had. I want to buy a kindle keyboard 3G in the US and have it brought to India. But I still have one doubt. I don't intend to download books from Amazon at all. Neither will I use the online delivery system in any which way.

Will the 3G give me a problem if I'm browsing wikipedia and Gmail? Will it work as promised (free)? Or will I have to pay an additional amount later to get my device registered in India?

seny said...

Dear Anand
Thanq for the wonderful blog. It cleared almost all doubts.
I am in search of an ereader and confused with Kindle keybord 3G and Kindle DX.
Do we have to insert a sim card in the device to get free 3G access?
How sprint AT & T work in india?
I am in kozhikode ( calicut) gets good 3G coverage.
Check this site which offers to pay in indian rupees

Anonymous said...

Hi Anand,
Thanks for the great blog. I have a friend who is coming to India next month. I want to get a kindle 3G.
1) Can I pay using Indian credit card and get it shipped to his address?
2) If step-1 is possible, will I just pay 139$ (3g with special offers) or will it attract some extra taxes as I'm buying with a card whose billing address is in India?


Anand said...


You would not be levied extra taxes when it gets shipped to your friend's address (Even if it is bought through your credit card).

tasneem said...

hey i love the blog..but there are a few questions i have before i place an order for kindle..
1) will the kindle directly connect to a network using 3g or will i have to set it up?
2) i have a ton of books in calibre which are in epub format..they can be converted into MOBI it possible for me to read them on kindle using calibre? if yes then will i have to change any setting on kindle or will it appear directly all by itself??
3) they dont ship kindle touch in if a friend bought it in US and then brought it to india would it be compatible withthe wireless and will i be able to use it??

Anand said...

1) will the kindle directly connect to a network using 3g or will i have to set it up?

It works like charm. You don't need to setup anything. Just buy it.

2) i have a ton of books in calibre which are in epub format..they can be converted into MOBI it possible for me to read them on kindle using calibre? if yes then will i have to change any setting on kindle or will it appear directly all by itself??

You need to move the epub or mobi format to kindle as you would in the case of an USB Pen drive.

3) they dont ship kindle touch in if a friend bought it in US and then brought it to india would it be compatible withthe wireless and will i be able to use it??


tasneem said...

thanks a lot.. i have one more question it might sound dumb but please help me out...i dont have a wifi will i have to get one..also my friend has a wifi connection at home so if i use that will i be charged?

Anand said...


You will not be charged.

sophie said...

hey will all the books that work on calibre work on kindle? irrespective of where dey are downloaded from? please do help

jaggy said...

I am totally satisfied by your post and comments about Kindle . You answered all my questions which i had in my mind . But one more..

I am looking to buy kindle through an Indian Ecommerce website Grabmore , they dont charge shipping cost much .

Kindle Touch + 3G comes in two model , one is external keypad and another internally .. which one you suggest ??

Anand said...

@sophie, Yes.

Anand said...


I wouldn't recommend any third party sites for my site visitors.

jaggy said...

does they have any service center in india , If i face any issues after warranty period ?

manoj devineni said...

Anand,Congratulations for your simple yet superb Blog post which might have celebrated it's second Birthday.

Thank's for your patience and for the way you are clearing all the doubts of prospective Kindlers in these two years.

I want to buy Kindle4 wi-fi.

Anand said...

@Manoj devineni,

Oh yes, more than two years. Lost track of the blog, I've moved to a different space now. :)

Anonymous said...

i forgot how i stumbled upon this blog lol...i wasn't searching for a kindle...
anyways i just wanted to say thanks...i mean it can be very frustrating answering the same questions again and again
so thanks and God bless you! you helped a lot of people...who knows? i might end up buying a kindle :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Upshaw Tammy said...

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